Dirigo Collective client sampleHappy Birthday Dirigo Collective! Wow what two years will do! From tripling the size of our team, doubling our investments in software, data and technology, to the launch of two podcast shows (Renegades and Mavericks and Responsibly Different) we couldn’t be more proud of where we are. It hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, and no one goes into business because it’s easy. We’re here because we have a vision for the future of media and we’re working towards it everyday. Of course our ability to do this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our incredible clients and partners that believe in us and what we do.  

We are a values based company that’s walking the walk by working towards our B Corp Certification which requires us to measure, track, and report our impact on clients, our team, the environment, our community, and how we are governed. We’ve turned down work and partnerships that would have fattened our bottom line in order to stand by our beliefs of how media should be responsibly handled. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we’ve put together some highlights for you below. 

Dirigo Collective Team image of a video chatWe have a process we believe in. It’s one of iteration, collaboration, feedback and asking for help.  At the center of that process is our team.  Even through a pandemic we found creative ways to overcome obstacles and continue our work remotely for over four months (and coming into the office is still optional, and half our team still works remotely).

Speaking of that pandemic, thanks to the incredible systems of communication and team work we’ve built, we were able to quickly come together as a whole team and in less than two days launch a comprehensive website to encourage and support Mainers staying home. The site Stay Home Maine was a directory of all the businesses offering curbside services and is searchable. In addition, we made sure to put resources there for more information on everything from where people can find food and shelter to various resources for entertaining families and their kids. And to make sure people knew about it, we ran ads with the help of some of our partners in media (see below to check those out). Everyone from our billing department to traffic were able to pivot on a dime to put this resource together because we knew how important that resource would be. We were the first in the state of Maine to get such a resource launched and it’s content rich resources page is still helping Mainers everyday.

Meanwhile, while the office was closed we had local artist Ryan Adams come into our new expanded space in the Sparhawk Mill (we now have all of suite 301, 201, and 204 for the largest footprint in the mill and over 5,000 square feet) to live’n the place up a bit. He started with this mural “Do Good Work” across the back wall. We were so stoked about it, we asked him to do two more walls. These paintings are more than just art, they are our values that we are wearing on our sleeve. A constant reminder to us and our clients (when we welcome them back into the office, which will be September at the earliest).   

Since we’re on the subject of values, we’ve officially started down the path of becoming B Corp certified. We have a B Corp Committee that meets every week to propose policies and come up with tracking strategies to not only help us be a better business but also help us be better for our community, environment, clients, and build a stronger business overall. If you’re curious to learn more about our journey, we’re documenting our whole process while highlighting other B Corps on our podcast Responsibly Different

If after checking out that podcast, you’re hungry for more great stories and interviews, check out Renegades and Mavericks where we interview folks that are doing things differently in their field. So far we’ve had on the CEO’s from Ugly Drinks and Bixby Co, and even a professional athlete and artist.

Stay tuned, we’re cooking up more exciting content for you all. Thank you for your support, we appreciate you. Cheers to two successful trips around the sun and many more. 

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