Turning consumers into activists:
one purchase at a time

harnessing spending power for good

Getting people to vote can be difficult—even for things that they believe in.

And yet, most people are casting a vote with their wallet everyday without even realizing it.

Built upon the promise of delivering change by aligning sustainability goals with measurable results, Dirigo Collective seeks to harness this collective purchasing power, fueling brands to grow and further advocacy action through a network of  conscious consumers.

aligning spending with sentiment

Americans spend 113 times more than they donate to charity each year


of Americans believe companies have a responsibility to make a positive impact on society

people follow through on aligning their purchase behavior with their values

Where insights

Meet action

At Dirigo Collective, we believe that in order to solve humanity’s biggest challenges, everyone has a role to play.

As a Responsibly Different™ company, we forge meaningful and impactful connections between conscientious consumers and value-led brands looking to drive a collective impact for the common good. We do work that delivers real, measurable results—empowering consumers to “vote with their dollar”, while also contributing to our clients’ bottom-line success, and to our big-picture collective future.

THE work We do

We are a group of former policy campaign strategists, journalists, media researchers, and brand builders on a mission to give every person a chance to change the world.

Driven by the relentless pursuit of positive impact, we effectively bridge the gap between traditional brand building services and audience engagement strategies.

Responsibly Different™


We are building a media platform creating access to resources and inspiration for consumers and social enterprises. From articles to podcasts, we explore how businesses are changing the world, and how consumers can support them.

Responsibly Different™


We harness the purchasing power of the conscientious consumer by bridging the gap between traditional brand building services and audience engagement strategies to accelerate business growth.

Responsibly Different™


A strategic partnership designed for CPG brands that use their resources to harness the purchasing power of the conscientious consumer to create brand growth, fuel further advocacy action, create equitable jobs, and reshape how value led brands compete and win.

The Company We Keep

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