Our Voices: Learn More About What Makes Dirigo Collective Tick

Our Voices

The month of May is a big month for Dirigo Collective – it’s our anniversary month, no flowers please – and this year marks two years since the agency hit the ground running. It was created with a vision of making a better service for clients, and creating an inspiring place for marketing and creative minds to unite and pursue meaningful work the way they know it should be done, rather than how it has always been done.

If you have been following our journey over the past two years than you know our secret sauce to help our clients grow comes not just from our marketing and media experience along with the world-class resources we have to offer, rather it’s from the people and perspectives who make Dirigo Collective. Every day we push forward based on belief, belief that what we’re doing can be better. We carry one of the most valuable traits in any field – especially in marketing – which is curiosity. Our diverse backgrounds are the common bond that brings us together to develop new perspectives.

We work hard to bring value to our clients and to the communities we serve. This blog moving forward is a place for you to get inside our heads and for us to share what makes us tick. It will be made up of all the voices at Dirigo Collective and the stories that move us. It may be about something we learned or a response to a news story that is developing in our industry. It could be about a piece of work that moved one of us, or it may be a profile piece on a local entrepreneur that inspired us. We are claiming this as an open place to incite dialogue. It will be real. It will be fun. It may even be real fun. But it will also be a place where we can all learn and grow.

Thanks for being a part of our Dirigo Collective community.

The Team