8 Female-Led Organizations Changing the World Right Now

By Dirigo Collective

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As we near the end of another International Women’s Month, one can’t help but reflect on the myriad ways life has changed for women throughout the years. The number of female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies is at an all-time high (even though women only account for a dismal 6%, of CEO spots), Roe v. Wade assures the freedom of choice over reproductive rights, while female-founded and female-led organizations surge in popularity. 

But things aren’t perfect; women still earn only 82 cents for every dollar earned by a man. With so many issues still surfacing time and time again, female-led organizations are a necessity to compete at such an unfair advantage. From groups that advocate a safe space for LGBTQ+ girls to a group that’s been fighting for equality in the workplace since 1912, here are eight female-led, female-focused organizations changing the world as we know it.  

Solar Sister

Founded on the mission of building a network of female energy entrepreneurs, Solar Sister’s goal is ending energy-poverty while creating clean energy businesses throughout Africa. This network of women partners with local women’s organizations and technology providers to address the energy crisis through women’s economic empowerment. To date, there are more than 850 Solar Sister entrepreneurs working within this award-winning organization. 

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a life-changing program promoting girl empowerment through running, bolstering the connection between physical fitness and mental health. This dynamic and multifaceted program uses exercise as a means to promote girl-empowerment while teaching girls (ages 8 – 13) that their impact and potential are beyond measure.

Malala Fund

Founded in 2013 by Ziauddin Yousafzai and Nobel laureate, Malala Yousafzai, Malala Fund empowers girls to reach their full potential by investing in education programs. By partnering with local leaders, Malala Fund provides girls with up to 12 years of free, safe, quality schooling while advocating for policy changes that prioritize education. 

Black Girls Code

The aim of Black Girls Code is simple: get women of color into the digital space by educating and empowering girls of color (ages 7 – 17) in STEM fields. Too often, women of color are passed over in technology and computer programming jobs, leading to a massive disparity in the field. Black Girls Code teaches the valuable programming skills girls need to close the gap within the STEM field by teaching programming languages like Scratch or Ruby on Rails. With a goal of occupying one million news jobs by 2040, it’s fair to say we’re about to see a whole new generation of coders. 

She Runs It

Founded in 1912 as League of Advertising Women, She Runs It aims to advance women’s role in marketing, media, advertising, and tech by simply giving women a seat at the table. Members of She Runs It have access to exclusive events, networking happy hours, development workshops, happy hours, and mentorship programs while experiencing female-led leadership firsthand. 

A Long Walk Home

The mission is simple: end violence against women once and for all. Founded by sisters, Salamishah and Scheherazade Tillet, A Long Walk Home empowers female artists and activists to fight for racial/gender equity by amplifying marginalized voices and activating social change by increasing the number of creative outlets, resources, and opportunities for girls and women everywhere. 

Southerners on New Ground

For the thousands of LGBTQ people of color, foreigners, and working-class folks living in the rural south, Southers on New Ground is a beacon of hope. Whether that means transforming our community, transforming our world, or transforming ourselves, social change begins with organization. From technical assistance and tool-development to community-based surveys, SONG believes in the power of transformation by way of community organization.

Movemeant Foundation

Movemeant envisions a world where women are taught to love their bodies unconditionally by shifting focus away from weight loss, “fatphobia,” and impossible beauty standards. Movemeant aims to make fitness fun, empowering, and — most importantly — accessible by providing the resources, opportunities and experiences girls and women need to succeed. Along the way, Movemeant teaches self-confidence, self-esteem, and body positivity, developing healthy physical and emotional habits along the way.