Quality vs.Quantity: Why Quality Matters For Your Business

Why ‘Quality Over Quantity’ Matters

We hear it every day: our ability to focus is decreasing with the rise of the smartphones, and the younger generation has the attention span of a goldfish.

While there may be partial truth in this, it’s also worth posing the question, “Do we simply have less tolerance for average content on our Social Media?”

The answer is ‘yes.’ Think about the last time you sat down to watch a show on television, outside of a sports game – with the ability for entertainment on demand, and a button to skip through ads, the bar for engaging content has been raised far higher than it has ever been. Image quality can no longer be average, unless the subject itself is truly above average (think ‘skateboarding wipeouts’ or ‘cat jump-fail’ videos).

Coupled with a News Feed algorithm that’s constantly shifting – and now shifting away from benefiting businesses – the focus is firmly on Quality over Quantity. Where we once were told to post multiple times every day across all our platforms, current research suggests that frequency isn’t nearly as important as the relevance a post has to the viewer.  Extensive studies have been done targeting the ideal number of words for a Facebook ad, the focal point of an Instagram photo in catching the attention of a viewer, the top five keywords to garner clickthroughs, and much more.  Content and ads need to feel personalized, like you’re having a conversation directly to the customer to find out their desires.

What’s more, the avenue with which you view these ads can have a marked difference on the level of attention given. These are divided into two modes; the Lean-forward mode, and the Lean-back mode.

Lean-forward mode occurs more on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all versions of online viewing, and are 1.5X more likely to be paying attention than in Lean-back mode – which is often when one is passively watching TV.  The former is often associated with researching a purchase, exploring an interest, or finding information on any given topic, hence the brain’s heightened state of attention. Reaching a potential customer at this time gives you a firm leg up on your competitors.

It may be daunting to approach, especially if you haven’t put your hat in the Social Media ring yet. But it is never too late, although every day you delay puts you further behind the competition.  The upside is that we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and that gives you a leg up when you look to proven formulas to get started.  Many of us have the tools for excellent image content right in our pockets, with the high-resolution cameras that inhabit most smartphones. All it takes is a little practice and a handful of tips to start expressing your brand in photo and video form.

Quality writing is also at your fingertips, and Inbound marketing through blogs and other pieces is a key part of a social planning.  Here at Marine Media Partners, we work with the Hubspot software to help our clients attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers through Inbound marketing, search campaigns and CRM cultivation. We recognize the tremendous value in helping to curate your online message, which will help you to stand head and shoulders above the competition. We have our finger on the pulse of the Social Content world, and work to make sure that you’re not only following the trends, but standing on the leading edge of them.  If you want to elevate your online presence to the next level, give us a call or write us!