Media planning and buying are at the center of where art and commerce collide. A day doesn’t go by where an algorithm doesn’t change, data shifts and the way people consume content changes. The expansion of media opportunities grows every single moment. Our team of specialized media planners come from a vast background including working for some of the largest and most diversified media companies in the country. Our team is in pursuit of what we know is right, not just doing things how they’ve always been done. We’re breaking that mold. That means a laser focused attention to detail and disciplined media planning and buying operation across linear, digital, and social platforms, along with experiential opportunities, sponsorships, and new media. The day-to-day operations of our team revolves around anticipating how markets, audiences, and the media landscape is moving. Much like how a stockbroker analyzes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends so does our team when it comes to analyzing media and the audiences which steer its direction. Being responsibly different means that while we monitor and optimize campaigns on the daily, much like a daytrader would, we are not reacting to trends. We are working to create valuable connections in our culture. We are continually working with national media and technology companies to help pioneer new media opportunities.

Dirigo Collective’s demand-side platform gives our buyers instant access to an expanded reach through more than 45 supply vendors. With more than 2M impressions across 1M+ publishers and websites served at any second, Dirigo Collective’s data-driven campaigns ensure your message is doing more than simply being seen and heard by the right people at the right time, we make sure your brand is responsibly engaging with your audience.

We are storytellers

Our focus on telling good stories through our in-house content studio, along with working in one of the most creative cities in the United States allows us to plan our media alongside creative concepts. Our people-first approach to media planning pushes us to drill down into audience insights gathered from vigorous research to ensure that we are delivering what matters most to people, and that every media investment is optimized and delivered on.

People serving people

Sometimes a particular audience will be most effectively reached through a true cross-platform media campaign, while others may be on a select few channels we manage in-house. We believe our responsibility is to the people who put trust in the media and content that they carry with them in the palm of their hands, and allow into their homes every day.

We measure twice (sometimes three times) to cut once. We have unique tools to most efficiently evaluate, buy, measure, report, and analyze media delivery and audience engagement. We are also transparent about our process by giving an unprecedented amount of detail in every plan that we provide. This means we provide the cost by channel, exact placements and performance, along with detailed post reports. We provide custom media solutions and are eager to meet the needs of what our clients are looking for to propel their business forward.

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