Customers are demanding more from their experiences. They’re seeking greater engagement, more textured relationships with brands, and compelling content they can consume and share at an astonishing rate of speed. As a result, today’s businesses are faced with an increased need for measurable accountability as they bring events and experiences to market.

That’s also why the standard experiential marketing package you’ll find at most shops – creative development, event design and execution focused solely on the event itself – no longer measures up.

We recognized and responded to this void in the industry with Dirigo Collective eXp. Similar to the way we plan media, we’re focused on crafting compelling and immersive experiences with data as our guide. We use it to amplify audience engagement across the entire customer journey, react and adjust in real-time, and demonstrate the precise impact of an experience. 

Incorporating measurement into your experiential marketing strategy allows you to understand how efficiently you’re reaching your target audience, determine if you’re creating intent that didn’t exist before, and establish whether or not you’re generating ROI that’s stronger than other marketing options.  

Dirigo Collective eXp is an experiential marketing solution built upon deep media experience, in-depth understanding of audiences, executional accountability, and risk mitigation capabilities that drive maximum audience engagement backed by measurability.