The core of everything we do from our media planning and buying, channel strategy, research and technology is revolved around one thing – good storytelling. Dirigo Collective is built on the foundation of informing and engaging with people through valuable communication platforms in a responsible way.

Whether it is a short form video for a social platform, billboard, a video adventure series made for TV, podcast, or film, your brand has a story and people are aching for a deeper sense of purpose and connection behind the brands that thread together our culture. Our content team is made of experienced podcasters, photojournalists, designers, and musicians and have a sole purpose around helping tell your story and craft the narrative custom to the channel that will best serve your audience.

The DC Network

We also believe there is an enormous amount of value in community collaboration and helping support content producers. Our team is building bridges by developing a network of podcasters to help grow their audience and providing valuable brand partnerships. For more information on Dirigo Collective’s podcasting network and how you can be involved, you can email

At the end of the day we are working with brands and our communities to help evolve the conversation and innovate the way stories are told. Whether you’re looking for strategy around how to best tell your story, or you’re looking for help amplifying and measuring your presence, our content team has the know-how and deep sense of purpose to help see your project through.