Tidal energy is too often overlooked in the realm of renewable energy. While it’s not the best solution for all communities, for those residing along the coast it is the best solution to clean renewable energy. Predictable, efficient, and cost-effective, tidal energy should be at the forefront of people’s minds and is often overshadowed.

When people think of renewable energy, the first things that come to mind are solar panels and windmills. It’s not that they prefer one source of energy over another, it’s just that they don’t know this renewable source of energy exists or they do but they don’t understand how it works, how to educate their communities about it, or how those with livelihoods tied to the sea will respond to such a solution. Tidal energy needs a story and we’re the ones to tell it.

Tidal Energy focuses the narrative on the world of marine technologies, shining a light on the myriad benefits of our world’s water supply while visiting coastal communities around the globe like the communities in Alaska, South Korea, and Maine who benefit from tidal power the most.

This is a story that should’ve been told a long time ago; the story of Tidal Energy.

impacts on our Planet

water turbine generators sitting in a manmade lake On the west coast of South Korea produce as much electricity as roughly 862,000 barrels of oil

gigawatts is the total energy contained in tides worldwide

GWh of electricity is converted and produced annually at The Sihwa Tidal Power Plant by harnessing one-way power twice daily at high tide

terawatt-hours per year can be created by using tidal stream power in shallow water

Cheap, efficient, and most importantly predictable, tidal energy may just be the key to green electricity. In 2019, electricity generated from marine technologies rose an estimated 13% — significantly higher than the last three years, but not widespread enough to produce any lasting benefits.

Let’s change that.


Headquartered in Portland Maine, Ocean Renewable Power Company is an innovative renewable energy company striving to make life as we know it better through tidal power.

No small feat for any company, let alone one that draws its power completely from the earth. ORPC recently secured $20 million from a consortium led by Canadian Shield Capital (in alliance with Hatch) towards the installation of multiple tidal power devices around the world.

ORPC aims to spread the world of tidal power in the process, bringing power to the powerless, clean energy jobs to the masses, and cutting diesel consumption by a whopping 60-90% amongst certain communities.

Of the 2 billion people on earth with limited or no access to electricity, 35% rely on diesel for power. If that 700 million embraced tidal energy over diesel power, the world may look a lot better in the near future.


To increase the number of tidal energy projects so coastal communities can begin transitioning to renewable power sources. All of this is in service of the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuels for electricity.


Through partnering with communities and mission aligned brands, we are on a mission to transition consumers to tidal power wherever possible. 

Through public education, community organizing, and advocacy alongside community members, we can change the tide on antiquated practices in energy and create a brighter future for people and planet.

A central component to this work will be leveraging the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and raise awareness about the efficacy and potential that Tidal Energy has to offer coastal communities.