MaineHealth Re-defines Values of Sponsorships & How Media Can Change Lives

In the pursuit of increasing share for Northern New England’s largest and most advanced healthcare system, we have had the opportunity to change lives – literally. In the fall of 2019, the organization was tasked to increase the amount of living organ donors. Dirigo Collective ran a campaign across various social media platforms and with fine-tuned targeting and excellent creative from our partners, we got more than two dozen living donors in less than one full week’s time.

When we’re not impacting patients with direct calls-to-action, we have been working on ways to fine-tune the reach and increase the effectiveness of frequency on the brand and numerous service line campaigns. One of the challenges the organization had in the past, was the lack of resources to evaluate which broadcast sponsorships were of value. We took into consideration their goals, and by evaluating the market value on particular spot placements and “added value” from networks, we were able to secure better placements, open up the campaign to other broadcast networks to get better statewide reach, and increase the frequency of this campaign by 47% without increasing the budget by a single dollar.

Dirigo Collective’s attention to the more than sixty different unique audience groups across linear media channels, digital, social, and out-of-home has lead to more than just getting more efficient media campaigns, but it has garnered more meaningful connections with MaineHealth’s current, and future patients, along with their referral networks.