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Episode 002 | ReVision Energy

ReVision energy is employee owned and mission driven. Their goal, To build a better future that is powered by the sun. With over 250 employees across multiple locations in the northeast, ReVision is a B Corp that is making a difference in communities and for the environment.

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Below is a list with links to all of the B Corps that Brittany named. A preview of coming attractions, we recently did interviews with Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs and Badger Balm and are scheduled to record with TripZero in early August so you can look forward to those coming up soon. Plus a whole slew of many more really cool B Corps!!!


B Local Boston

Prosperity Candles

UNH B Clinic (see episode two as well)



Eileen Fisher


Ben & Jerry’s


Badger Balm


Also, inspired by my conversation with Brittany below are the two B Corps I found and ultimately purchased the dog bed for Remy and a new Journal.


Karst Stone Paper

And as promised… here are some photos of the doggo enjoying his new B Corp bed. We have a really cool mural in the office that says “Do Good Work” by local artist Ryan Adams (see picture below) that his new bed matches perfectly. Eventually I want to get a pic of Rem in his bed in front of the mural. When I do, that will likely land on instagram.