One Final Look Back at 2019

One Final Look Back

No countdown can match the final ten seconds of the day on New Year’s Eve. If you’re doing this thing we call ‘life’ seriously, those final seconds represent all of the good, bad, and messy in the year that was. As the clock strikes midnight, it’s one of the few times of the year where the imperfections we all carry come together and unite to celebrate a common idea – hope.

In a year where heroes made headlines, we’re grateful at Dirigo Collective to have been able to set forth and conquer some really defining moments in our own hero’s journey. It has been our clients and valuable partners’ belief in not only what we’re doing, but where we have our sights on going, that has been the rocket fuel to Dirigo Collective’s growth.

The year presented us with the first glimpse at our very own kryptonite, where the values we started the agency on were challenged. It was hard, very hard, and made all the more difficult as a young company. Nevertheless, our team shined, came together and collectively chose to sacrifice growth – traditionally defined by monetary value – for personal value. The best part is we as a company came out the other side stronger – much stronger. The sacrifices we made with some relationships allowed others to grow, in ways we could not have even imagined a year ago.

The outpouring of support from not simply standing by our values, but not being afraid to present them client-facing has given us new fuel. It has been humbling to hear from people in the industry – from across the country – who have come to us to learn how they can adapt some of the principles in their own agency culture. It confirms our belief that doing good work for good people always wins the day. Our mission to help improve the way agencies and brands work together is an inspiring one, and with small steps, is making an impact.

This year we expanded into more markets taking Dirigo Collective’s footprint in media across the United States; communicating with people in ways that have a deeper sense of belonging and purpose. It’s all because of you. Yes, you, that we have been able to experience this expansion.

We work with such a range of incredibly diverse and inspiring brands – from local credit unions, banks and breweries, to regional healthcare providers, to the national CPG brands; whether you know it or not, you’re all connected. You’re connected through us. When one wins, it directly impacts the other whether you feel it directly or not. It fuels not only our people who are tirelessly working on your brand, but it also impacts our resources that we continue to evolve and invest in. The idea that this agency is built for our clients, by our clients, is one that continues to help us remain the small and mighty collective that we are, and continue to grow and get stronger. This tale of how a small group based out of an old mill in Yarmouth, Maine became a national hub for media, data, and technology is one for the ages.

We were thrilled to end 2019 on a high note with our recognition from Boston’s Ad Club, and also be one of only 50 agencies nationwide to be selected by Effectv (previously known as Comcast Spotlight) to help pioneer a new type of ad service that will pave a new path in how data and media is exchanged. We are currently working on this in select cities across the United States.

On Christmas Eve, our team spent the morning moving into our new home at the Sparhawk Mill. Same old mill in Yarmouth, with a little more room for us to move around and continue to grow into. The mill’s character has become a part of Dirigo’s story and one we’re really proud of. We can’t wait to have you all in the new space to launch exciting ideas.

Going into 2020, we have our sights on some really big goals to enhance our already widely recognized media planning and buying operations, We’re planning even further development across research, analytics, content strategy, and new media technology, and we’re hopeful that what we do in 2020 will contribute to shaping the new decade of work and creativity in our field. With the brands and partners that make Dirigo Collective, I have no doubt we’ll make incredible progress – together.

Viola Davis had a commencement speech this year at Barnard where she said, “living life for something bigger than yourself is a hero’s journey.” To all of you who believe in our own hero’s journey and are on your very own, we thank you. We’re making an incredible impact, and this is just the beginning. 2019; it’s been real.

The DC Team