Data & Analytics

There was a time when a company ran one ad for everyone. That day is long gone.

Each one of us is different, each of us want different things, and our experience with brands should be the same way. Though the world of data collecting has been painted as shady and nefarious, it is instead fascinating and constantly evolving - and our team at Dirigo Collective uses it to work seamlessly with Creative and broader marketing efforts. As a culture, we are broadcasting immense amounts of personal preferences on a minute-by-minute basis.  By listening to the conversations centered around your brand and your competitors, we can pull out the information that will help you connect with your customer in the fewest possible steps - and then maintain and nurture that relationship for maximum lifetime value. 

Data and Analytics


There’s more to your customers than meets the eye.

Between their purchase behavior and social activity, they are dropping hints about what they expect out of a brand like yours. Zoomph helps you understand what your customers are looking for by tracking 190+ default interests across social, alongside categories you define.

Discover your audience’s collective interests, traits, and behaviors. Zoomph lets you turn acquaintances into loyal customers who feel understood by your brand.

Your audience is one of a kind—your data should be too. Zoomph returns insights that are 100% unique by letting you define custom audiences. Get data that’s precise and meaningful, and not simply based on anonymous or general research. 


comScore helps marketers and media companies through every phase of the advertising life cycle - across all platforms

The goal of advertising is and always has been to have an impact. While it’s critically important for an ad to be seen, viewability alone is not a measure of effectiveness. It’s time to shift our focus back to other metrics that matter so marketers can evaluate the true success of their efforts and media companies can prove their value.

With TV viewership information built from the ZIP code-level up across all 210 local markets, only comScore provides local stations and agencies with television measurement that truly represents their audience’s unique viewing behaviors.



Four core experiences of business.
Four applications to get them right.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool to conduct survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities. We use this research suite to build surveys, send surveys and analyze responses - all from any online location, any time you need! 

We use Qualtrics in endless ways: Tracking consumer behavior across diverse segments, benchmarking your company versus competitors, conducting complex academic research, advertising and product testing and so much more.