Maine Spirits Makes The Holidays More Merry With Downtown Collaboration

As Maine’s exclusive statewide wholesale liquor supplier, the brand was looking for ways to engage with people by helping share ways to enjoy the wide selections carried across Maine. The Dirigo Collective team came up with a unique sponsorship opportunity in collaboration with the state’s largest downtown district to create memorable interactions and media touchpoints to drive engagement with their mobile cocktail app.

Dirigo Collective worked with the Portland Downtown District and created a unique experience. We concepted a drink map where local bars would participate and have a signature cocktail along the city’s Merry Madness shopping route. We developed an opportunity to sponsor the snack bags where there was information about the Maine Spirits app, and to make sure attendees of the event got home responsibly our team developed the concept to sponsor uber rides for people to get home the night of the event.

During the event we paired our sponsorship with a unique martech strategy by geofencing and geo-framing the downtown corridor where we knew attendees were experiencing the brand. Our media delivery was targeted and with fewer impressions was able to deliver an engagement rate 3x higher than the average brand and product ads that were regularly in rotation.