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Blue Harbor’s Data-Driven Strategy to Sustainable Growth

Before we began managing Blue Harbor Fish Co.’s (a division of Starkist) cross-platform media campaign, we developed a channel strategy to pinpoint markets that have the highest propensity for growth. It entailed utilizing audience and sales data to select which markets on the East Coast to focus product and equity messaging in. By fine-tuning target markets and audience groups, and working with our creative partners, we delivered a more efficient and effective media strategy.

Our data was able to help us look at the entire US tuna purchasing market, and by layering in custom audience segmentation from working with the Blue Harbor Fish Co. and our creative partners at Garrand Moehlenkamp, we were able to drill down even further to discover the best customer prospects by market. By going into our strategy with deeper intent, we were able to discover the media habits by market, not by the general audience target group. Our data and local insight to particular markets helped us understand media behavior across broadcast, cable, streaming, digital, radio, print, and even out-of-home traits.

By customizing a channel strategy per market vs. the typical one strategy fits all approach, we helped stretch their media dollars by more than 20% and increase their video completion rate of long-form product taste testing videos.