It Starts With You

Reasons To Work With Us

1) By helping our brand partners, you will have a platform to help grow businesses, create jobs, impact communities and shape our culture on a local, regional and national scale.

2) Our partners are inspiring. You will work with a wide spectrum of marketing and media professionals that will take your knowledge base and skillset across industry categories from local banks and credit unions, to regional healthcare providers and breweries, to national CPG brands. Whether you are scrolling through Facebook, or tuning into your favorite show, the platform you’re on is a reflection of your work.

3) Curiosity drives us, it is the people at Dirigo Collective who are the driving force for making an impact. We are all bound by the same mission and purpose, answering “why” at every turn and understanding how we can always do better – not just for the brand partners we collaborate with but for the people our work is engaging with.

4) We are committed to creating a sustainable future for everyone on our team. We believe life, and the people in it don’t need to be compromised by our work. Burnout is real -especially in the industry of advertising and media. We continue to learn about ways to enhance our team’s lives both in work along with personal health and well-being. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and we are excited about nurturing new perspectives and ideas and making sure each person at Dirigo Collective is given the capacity to grow. We provide competitive pay, benefits and are always working to enhance our office arrangement to create an inspiring and comfortable work environment to spend your days at.

5) We embrace the startup mindset. How many opportunities are there to be a part of a team that pushes you to lean in towards innovation? We invest in cutting edge technology to help in the forever growth and learning for everyone on our team and our clients. We never settle, never become complacent, and we are always working towards a common goal that connects us all.

6) Enriching our culture isn’t just something we say, it’s something we do. We have a lot of growing to do here, but we are excited to be creating meaningful ways for our team to rally behind. From sharing the untold stories of our communities to company give-back days where we volunteer for causes that need our support, we are working to humanize the human connection we care so much about.

Opportunities Available

We have been growing with a focus on responsibly creating opportunities to assure sustainable growth for our brand partner’s benefit and our team. We currently have the following opportunities available. If you don’t see exactly where you fit into our team, but you’re inspired by the mission, we want to hear from you still. We are always looking for talented people who can take their experience in the highly-demanding world we live in, and help us move the needle for our partners and our field. We can’t meet with everyone who applies, but if you submit your resume to you will definitely hear back from us.