We learn the fundamentals in kindergarten

Be kind. Share. Listen. Empathize. You’re important—but so is everyone else. Then, as time passes, we process incalculable volumes of information from countless sources, and the edges of the fundamentals soften. Concepts that were once indelibly black and white begin to fade, and we grow accustomed to compromises that diminish our once-unwavering embrace of kindness, sharing, listening, empathy, and collective good. 

At Dirigo Collective, we’ve made it our mission to return to those fundamentals. We’re not talking about facades and checking boxes. We’re talking about a deliberate, ongoing commitment to serve both our clients—and the common good. Principles, they say, are expensive. But the current state of our world demonstrates that the cost of compromising principles is far more costly. So we do work that delivers real, measurable impact—on our clients’ bottom-line success, on the value they deliver to their customers, and on our big-picture collective future. There’s always a right way to make an impact. It’s our job to find it, to live it, and to guide our clients on the same path.  

Measuring Our Collective Impact

Volunteer hours Worked

dollars donated

Tonnes of Carbon Offset

Our vision for the future

Without action and advocacy, even the most compelling vision is little more than wishful thinking. So, in order to effect the societal and environmental changes we see as essential, we move, seeking new and innovative ways to propagate, popularize, and ultimately manifest the ideas and initiatives we hold dear. 

How do we do this? Through blog posts. Through our Responsibly Different™ Platform. Through the content we put into the world. And yes, through the work we do with and for our clients. With every action, we’re making a conscious effort to influence positive change. And while we’re proud of what we’re able to do, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to do more—smarter, and better

B Corp Certification

We hold ourselves to high standards at Dirigo Collective. As citizens of the earth and our community, we see it as our obligation to embody our belief in social equity, in environmental stewardship, in operational transparency, and in our adherence to both the letter and spirit of legal accountability. 

That’s why we elected to pursue, attain, and maintain B Corporation status. In effect, our B-Corp designation serves as certification of the commitments we’ve already made to ourselves, our clients, our partners, our employees, our community, and the planet. 

In every way, we’re going to live by our values regardless of our corporate designation. But by becoming a benefit corporation and undergoing the demanding B Corp certification process, we join a growing group of like-minded businesses, each devoted to doing well by doing good. That’s exactly the kind of company we choose to keep.

1% for the Planet Member

We have made a commitment to donate at least 1% of revenue to nonprofits that support our planet by becoming a 1% For The Planet Member . 1% for the Planet is a nonprofit that certifies giving and contributions and hold businesses and individuals accountable to their commitment. We are proud to join this community in August of 2022.

Media Code of Ethics

As a media company we have a strict code of ethics that we live and work by that include:

Things we will NOT do:

● Use data to target vulnerable populations in a way that causes harm or puts them at risk

● Promote the use of negative emotions to exploit people

● Work with brands or organizations whose values don’t align with ours

Things we WILL do:

● Take action to avoid prejudice and bias

● Be open about what our Artificial Intelligence tools do

● Monitor our media code of ethics and add to them when necessary

JEDI Competency

We believe deeply in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We continue to do the work of educating ourselves and each other about biases that impact people every day, especially within the Transgender and BIPOC communities.

We are committed to learning, growing and being an anti-racist organization, and acknowledge there is still much work to do internally and externally to reduce the harm being done to communities of color and under-represenation.

We use our tools and capabilities in media and content creation to educate the public, creating opportunities and spaces for people of marginalized identities (including people with disabilities, LGBTQ+, those with intersecting identities, and additional marginalized identities) to share their stories in a way that is meaningful and impactful. We bring an anti-racist lens to all the work we do and when working on projects centered around identities, we do our homework.